At UAPF, we firmly believe that the only sure-shot way to achieve good citizenship is through good, robust health. To this end, we have been running our healthcare programme, titled “Aayushi”.

Aayushi- Health care

Through our healthcare project, “Aayushi”, we operate Mobile Health Units (MHU) in tribal, semi-urban and rural areas — across Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. The vans go to predefined villages, screening villagers and running basic tests on them. In all, the vans cover 125 villages and a total population of 30,0000. The foundation has deployed eight such vans, of which, one is in Rajasthan, three at Nagpur, one at Pench in Madhya Pradesh and three in Raigad District, in Maharashtra. These vans are equipped with Doctor, nurse and few also has a counsellor who do general health check ups, treat primary health issues, conduct basic tests and disburse quality medicines. Not about to rest on its laurels, the foundation has partnered with Sight Savers International and has initiated ophthalmology services in Rajasthan’s Jhunjhunu district. The project, “Ophthalmology on wheels”, covers the entire district with a focus of creating awareness on preventing blindness, treats refractive errors and perform cataract surgeries are performed with a tie up at a base hospital. Due to increasing number of cataract cases, the effort is also to tie up with another hospital to perform cataract surgeries. The reach out is through camps, awareness in villages and cases are also referred by Asha workers of Anganwadis in the villages. The Asha workers are trained by Sight Savers, who are able to identify and refer cases to the mobile team.





Mobile Health Unit


Villages Covered


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Health Camps

UAPF organises clinics in various construction sites like Lonavala, Pune, Nasik and Nagpur, each operating twice a week. These clinics are equipped with an MBBS/MD physician for consultations and a nurse to assist the Dr. The clinics take care of all basic health issues faced by the workers at our factories and construction sites. The families primary healthcare needs are also taken care by the site clinics. We also organise periodic health camps and health awareness drives for all the employees and their families. The focus being providing quality health care, free medication and treatment.

The Mobile Health Units

  1. Provide basic healthcare at the door steps in tribal, rural and semi-urban areas.
  2. Reach out to as many people as possible. To ensure a larger surface area is monitored, the van covers newer locations periodically.
  3. Provide quality medicines from pharmaceutical companies and from local vendors to all at affordable cost.
  4. Organise holistic health services utilising government machinery and Public-Private Partnership model.
  5. Organise monthly health camps that address general health of a community and also specific individual concerns. Medical camps such as Cancer screening, Eye check ups, Gynecological camp, Hemoglobin and Folic acid tests are organised in the field locations periodically.
  6. Improve awareness levels among villages and towns.
  7. Conduct basic tests like blood pressure, sugar, etc.

MOU with State Tribal Development Department

UAPF has signed an MOU with Maharashtra State Tribal Development Department and have launched third Mobile Health Unit in August 2016 to provide health facilities to children of 10 Ashram schools in Raigad District and two schools of Ratnagiri District. The MHU has a Doctor,nurse and a driver with all medicines catering to primary health services. The team ensures each school is visited on a weekly basis. Along with medicines, health awareness sessions are also conducted on a rotation basis in all the schools. We have adopted all the 16 Ashram schools of Raigad District and our two existing MHUs already cover 6 Ashram schools.  UAPF as an entity works on public private partnership model .Our aim is to provide health services, attend to medical needs and we provide free medicines and tonics such as iron, zinc, protein supplement and folic acid In the second phase all children will undergo Ophthalmology screening and rectification through glasses in case of refractive error.

Ophthalmology on Wheels

Mobile Health Unit (MHU)