While our activities have always had a people-centric focus, they have also benefitted the environment and society at large.

Environment Work

UAPF also supports Conservation Wildlands Trust (CWT), that works with a mission to protect and conserve sensitive habitats through community participation. It works in the Central Indian landscape of Pench Tiger Reserve (PTR), Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh . CWT works with the communities residing in the buffer zone of PTR. The focus being, education, health and livelihood as the key verticals of engagement.

CWT has established E-Base at interpretation center of PTR near, Turia Gate, Madhya Pradesh, that runs entirely on clean energy through solar power. CWT also provides basic health care facilities  through Mobile Health Unit in remote tribal area, covering 30 villages of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. It is involved in various livelihood related initiatives like Silai School, Community Managed Village Tourism and several other skill development programs.