Orthopedic & General Health camp at Krushnachiwadi, Shenva, Shahpur

Health camp for Forest rangers & officers at Bor Forest.

In Nagpur location, on 5th Jan 2019, we have been conducted Health camp for Forest Rangers & officers at Bor Forest. Total of 101 employee’s examinations has been done in this camp, in which few female employees’ examinations was also done. Height, Weight, Hemoglobin, Blood sugar & ECG screening was done in this camp, also distributed the medicine in this camp as per their requirement. Also, our MHU Medical officers and nurses had advised them for nutritional changes that can maintain good health.

HB & Blood group check up camp conducted by UAPF

Urvi Ashok Piramal Foundation" has conducted HB & Blood group check up camp for Students of 16 Tribal Ashram Schools, Raigad district from December 2016 - January 2017. Total 5500 Tribal students are benefited by these HB & Blood group check up camp. All Camps were conducted in collaboration with a recognized Pathological laboratories.

Students who were found anemic or having less HB levels, those students are treated with the help of diet and medicines. The foundation  closely works with the school staff so that they administer the medicines regularly to the children. These children will be further examined after a gap of six months.

The foundation is closely working with the school staff and children as well, educating them on health, nutrition, exercise and above all zero wastage of food. Through a trained counsellor, regular sessions on health, hygiene and value education is imparted by way of sessions, role play, games and other innovative teaching methods.

Key Partnerships

  • UAPF is developing sustainable livelihood models through collaboration with Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Corporation (RSLDC).
  • Partnership with Maharashtra Sector Skill Development Society for textile training at Morarjee Mills, Nagpur.
  • "Ophthalmology on Wheels", eye care, screening and cataract surgery in the entire Jhunjhunu District,  Rajasthan with the help of Sight Savers International.

MOU with State Tribal Development Department

UAPF has signed an MOU with Maharashtra State Tribal Development Department and have launched third Mobile Health Unit in August 2016 to provide health facilities to children of 10 Ashram schools in Raigad District and two schools of Ratnagiri District. The MHU has a Doctor,nurse and a driver with all medicines catering to primary health services. The team ensures each school is visited on a weekly basis. Along with medicines, health awareness sessions are also conducted on a rotation basis in all the schools. We have adopted all the 16 Ashram schools of Raigad District and our two existing MHUs already cover 6 Ashram schools.  UAPF as an entity works on public private partnership model .Our aim is to provide health services, attend to medical needs and we provide free medicines and tonics such as iron, zinc, protein supplement and folic acid In the second phase all children will undergo Ophthalmology screening and rectification through glasses in case of refractive error.