A good education is the cornerstone to a socially awakened populace. The Seth Priamal Boys Higher Secondary School at Bagar, Rajasthan, has all the modern amenities to make it a very student friendly educational institution. Along with education, co-curricular activities like sports, dance, inter school elocution competitions etc are regularly organised. The school has over 700 students and is equipped with a modern computer laboratory, well developed science lab and a sprawling play ground. The annual academic results are very encouraging and proudly we can state that, best education is imparted keeping the fee structure very low. The children basically come from humble backgrounds with many being first generation learners. There are day scholars and also students living in the school hostel that is situated within the campus. The management has also started English medium since 2015 and hopes to develop it further.

Through our ‘Pathshala’ programme, we want quality education to reach out to the children in the areas where our foundation operates. Children are given a helping hand and academic support through, teachers appointed by the foundation and this has enabled children to perform better. The focus is not just academics but, also aims at making them a good and responsible citizens.

The foundation with its presence in tribal areas, is now improving basic infrastructure in some of the Ashram schools in Raigad District, Maharashtra. The employees of the company participate and support us during various programmes that are conducted in the school. Through their mobilisation and contribution, books, stationary and educational materials are periodically distributed to all the children in four Ashram schools in Raigad District. Our interventions in these Ashram schools, have made the teachers more proactive and they are now willing to walk an extra mile to educate the tribal children.


"Charity begins at home", keeping this in mind, the foundation also supports a few workers who are unable to pay for their childrens higher education.  Through the scholarship programme, every year, over 50 children across our locations receive monetary help from the foundation. This has enabled the children to pursue higher education, be it technical or non-technical. The children who come on merit are also further financially supported and honoured by the foundation.

Case Study: Adarsh, 23 years, comes from a very humble background with his mother being a home maker and father working as a worker. The family could not afford to pay his fees for higher education. Through the financial support under our scholarship programme, he could successfully complete B.E. Electrical and is now working with one of the leading companies in India.

Life Skill Education

At a few construction sites of Peninsula Land Ltd, (one of the listed companies of Ashok Piramal Group), the contractors have set up labour colonies, UAPF in collaboration with local organisation has set up creche for labourers children. Approximately each creche has about 80 children, wherein along with play, basic education, health and nutrition is also the focus. Annual summer camp, health check ups, parents education on health and hygiene are organised at frequent intervals. The creche is managed by a trained teacher, care taker and an incharge from the construction site. The regular functioning of the creche is monitored by the site incharge at respective construction sites. This intervention through CSR has inculcated  the importance of education among construction workers as often their children are first generation learners.