Our Vision and Mission : Enriching the lives of communities by empowering them to develop and execute sustainable social development models.


The Piramals have been associated with social work long before the phrase Corporate Social Responsibility was coined. For over 5 decades, the family has been successfully running educational institutes in Bagar in Rajasthan. The Piramals also espoused the cause of the girl child and the backward class in remote Rajasthan and gave them a voice.

Piramal Seth, as he was fondly addressed in Bagar, started his initiatives with a school for the untouchables in a community temple to express his opposition to the caste system prevalent at that time. This laid the foundation for an educational campus. Today, Bagar boasts of several educational institutions set up by Seth Piramal.

The foundation has grown and works in the areas of Education, Health, Livelihood, Village Development and environment. Mrs Urvi Piramal our Executive Chairperson spearheads the Foundation's programme with a belief that each individual has the potential to change for a better tomorrow.

Our Approch

  • Demonstrate development through our activities.
  • Impart knowledge to run the self-sustaining community based activities.
  • Facilitate stakeholders for active participation to experience the change process.
  • Partnering in executing the program in order to make it sustainable.